I just wanted to say hi to everyone here.

I spent a year in Fes helping to start an American school.

The school is now in it’s 4th year and is doing very well. Last year we had a Moroccan / American business forum in Fes. We are planing another forum in 2008.

In spite of my time spent in Morocco my language skills are still pretty poor. However I’m not going to let it stay that way :slight_smile:

I’ve been brushing up on my french and also on my darija. Hopefully I can make some new friends on here and also be able to improve my language skills.


Hello Tim and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:
I see that many people tend to learn French when they give up on Darija, ain’t so cool! :no: But learning an extra language is never bad. So if you want to practice either one, you’re in the right place. We use them all in here, so do not hesitate to throw in any questions you have, it’ll be a pleasure to give you a hand.
I just checked the American school’s website, and it looks interesting. As for the business forum, it seems that their website is down currently, so I didn’t get to know much about it. Will it also be in March this year?
See you around.

:welcome: timmcneely

Tim, mr7ba bik (welcome).

I guess that you already noticed that our forum and website are multilingual. So whether you choose to practice Darija or French, you’ve landed on the right place. :slight_smile:

Don’t be shy, go ahead and start posting!

:welcome: :welcome: