How to make the moroccan msemen


500 kg of flour … Read More
1/2 yeast baker sachet
100 G of butter
1 glass of water
salt with the taste


In a large pot or a salad bowl, to mix the flour, yeast and salt, to add with tepid water gradually to obtain a flexible paste (will feel it to you by working it between the hands). To knead a few minutes, to coat with a little oil, to cover with a clean towel and to let rest 30 minutes. To take small quantities of pastes and to form small balls of the size of an apricot.

To flatten with the palm of the hand by coating surface with oil to proceed it in the same way with all the small balls. Then to take again the first small ball and to delicately spread out it and gradually. To coat with a little butter and to fold into four, to let rest during this time to make in the same way with the other remaining balls… Read More

To prepare 5 to 6 crepes thus. To heat a frying pan, to spread out the pancakes folded into four and to cook them on the two faces in the dry frying pan. These laminated pancakes can be been useful thus or accompanied by honey and butter

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