How did France qualify to 2010WC ?

I can’t believe how hypocritical the FIFA are…
Yesterday while it was on between Algeria & Egypt, it was on somewhere else because of another “hand of God”…what piss me off is that Thierry is a muslim ! & he admit it (i mean using hand) but…


is he musliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim??? ? heard hes gonna convert but he already has???

yes he is already muslim but not thaaaaaaaaaaat muslim :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha ha look who’s talking… well at least he accepted :slight_smile:

and btw, that was totally a handball!!! they cheated, pb’s right, this is nothing but hypocricy

duuude fifa sucks sometimes

I hope France doesn’t win, and neither does any euro team… i want ALGERIAAAA to win :smiley: but i doubt it

hehhehhehehehheh duuuuuude even algerians know that they wont win
stop dreamin :stuck_out_tongue:

dream dial 7***in lollll

loooolllllll stop swearin :stuck_out_tongue:

who said it was a swear word?

The irish - starting by he justice minister - are requesting the match to be replayed, in the other side, Blatter (FIFA president) & Platini (UEFA president & former FRENCH footballer) both are against using video technology to judge in such situations.

pffftt they are idiots, but im not surprised

OMG we wish girl we wish but there aint a flyin chance that that will happen, but there no harm in dreaming day dreams :ange:

as for the handball Thiery admitted it and it was soo blatant but i dont understand why Fifa aren’t doin nyfin about it?? :fouet:

oh well we’ll dream together :wink:

ok starting on 1, 2, 3…let the dream begin!!! :roll: …ooh whats that on the floor? lol

That’s Algerian goalkeeper laying down after Brazil scored 7 goals on him :^^:

looool only 7?

It’s just a dream :lol: we can wake up if u want & they would be 17 :wistle:

loooool, well inchallah they get somewhere in the WC… just think about it, TURKEY a team who’s come 3rd and 4th in the WC at times, didn’t even get qualified and ALGERIA did :smiley:

That’s Algerian goalkeeper laying down after Brazil scored 7 goals on him :^^:[/quote]
haha LOL oh and there was me thinking it was a diamond haha :roll:
Yeah Turkey may not have qualified but they did pretty well in the Eurocup and surprised everyone so maybe…maybe Algeria can do it too? :unsure: who cares anyway at least they made it into the WC :^^: but it maybe painful watching them get thrashed by the biggies :blink: