How did France qualify to 2010WC ?

I don’t wanna scrae you but…according to the seeding system, Algeria would be seeded in the last pot (within the 8 weakest teams) which technicaly means the draw will put Algeria in a group with 3 other teams from a higher level…

u perhaps have no idea what i’m talkin about :smiley: here…i explained to Lalla yesterday

is that for the WC or ACN?? well im not scared coz i know that’ll happen haha i just dont want them to do too badly (please? :blink:)

That’s for the world cup, for the ACN th edraw is in the other thread (u already seen it).

Anyway, the draw for the world cup will be Inshallah December 4th, we’ll see…

oh really? ok cool now im sort of feeling sorry for them that they qualified coz say if theyre in a group with France or Spain or Brazil…oooooooooh lol :no:

We’ll have the honor of being a** kicked by the biggies :mdr:

i say “we” cuz of course now i concider it my team :ok:

aww thats sweet! it is as much your team as it is mine hehe :cool:
yeah ur right i guess if they get to vs them itll be an achievement in itself hehe :hap: