Hi all

I have just found this forum and signed up for it. I am originally from Germany, but have lived in the UK for the last four years. A very good friend of mine is from Morocco. I can honestly say that I have never met a kinder person in my life. I went to Morocco about four months ago and loved it. It is a very beautiful country. I hope to be able to go back maybe in autumn. I’d love to take some Arabic lessons while I’m there. I’m still looking for a good language school in Rabat. Recommendations are more than welcome.

Murron :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Murron. I hope that you’ll find here all you need and more.

See you around.

Salaam a Murron! Mar7aba. I recommend the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning in the medina qadima. Dunno if you can drop in or you have to register for a semester, though… http://cccl.ma/