Hi !

Hi !

Im Alesh from Slovenia/Europe and I am very much into Arabic culture and language.
I haven’t been in any Arabic country yet, but 1st one will be definetely Morocco.
Hopefully very soon :slight_smile:

I have honour to know the creator of this site, and I know how much effort and love was put into, that all has been brought to life,
so keep continue your Great work :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to Speak Moroccan :slight_smile: how well can u speak arabic? still learning here-:slight_smile: looking forward to reading ur future postings…


I am happy to have you with us Ales :).
And JayLynn, he does know a big deal ;), just needs to let it out!

Let us read you often around.

Welcome among us, Ales.
Mr7ba bik m3ana a Ales. :slight_smile: