Hi!! I’m new here, and i feel really sad because i have read some topics about moroccan guys!!! and my boyfriend is from Morocco, he tells me that Im everything for him and that he wants to be with ne for the rest of his life, but im so concern about his religion and the way that they are and i dont have a problem with that i totally respect their believes!!!, Ill be there visiting in november and im so worried about his family of what r they gonna say bout me and i really wanna b with this guy he is so sweet and adorable i wouldnt like to lose him , i need an advise what should i do so i can impress them especially his dad he is so strict…anything that i can learn phrases or sentences so when i go there i dont feel so scared…more that i already im hope u can help me!!!thank u

Welcome to Speak Moroccan forums, Caritojoy. :slight_smile:
As I said in those topics you read - and I am not just blindly defending Moroccan men here - don’t think that all men are the same, either Moroccan or not. So good luck with your Moroccan man.

What do you mean exactly by the way “we” are? And what makes you concerned?

As for your visit, I don’t think there is much to worry about. The family is aware that you are a foreigner and they will not expect you to either speak their language fluently from the first visit, nor to know everything about the culture.
Does anyone else in the family speak English for you to communicate with?
If I were to advise you about something to keep in mind, I’d just say to think about the way you’ll dress. It wouldn’t be much appropriate to wear very short skirts, and very tiny tops… But you’re not required nonetheless to wear a headscarf or cover up completely. You’ll see in the Moroccan society girls wearing cloths as I described, but I am suggesting this for you in regards of the strict father.
Just be yourself, enjoy your trip and try to learn the maximum possible about the people and the culture. If you can learn a very few Darija phrases, I am sure your future family will be happy to hear them. Did you learn any expressions at all so far? If not, then no worries, you can learn more with us here. You can start by checking the website.
Here is a first word for you: Shukran = Thanks. :wink:

By the way, what city are you going to visit?

welcome here!!

hi thanks for your advise is really helpfull, Im gonna be in Khemisett, im gonna be there for 2 weeks and I’m so excited. And “what i meant they way they are” is the way they were raised, different culture and I’m concerned beacuse I read that they can’t be with nobody else that is not from their religion is that true???, and like I told you before i really want to be with him and I’ll do anything for him. Im actually from Ecuador and I speak spanish too, his family doesn’t speak any english or spanish, but HOPEFULLY I pray to god that everything is gonna be fine.His dad speaks French but I dont so anyways Ill try to speak moroccan hahaha!!! And yes my dress code would be really conservative no worries bout that!, I’m going to do my best. and what can i say when i see them??? like nice to meet you or Im glad to be here or Im glad that I meet your son, or I love him so much, I dont know things that would make them feel secure about me that Im a good person. I’m happy in one way because his mom saw my picture and she said that she likes me so I’m ok with mom.
Thanks again!!! oh sorry im supposed to say SHUKRAN!!! Hope to hear from u soon bye

Hello again Carito :).
Islam allowed Muslim men to marry non Muslim women, as long as they are from one of the “religions of the book” (a Christian or a Jewish), but Muslim women can not marry but Muslim men. So don’t be concerned about this, if you are going to get married to each other, it’s not religion that will stop you. He wouldn’t invite you to visit him in Morocco, with his strict father in the picture, if it would be impossible to marry you, after all.
You can go to the translation forum and post exact expressions and sentences you want to learn. I’ll help you translate them.
But for a start, “nice to meet you” is “mtshrrfin”, you say that when someone introduces another person to you.
Did you look for pictures of Khemissat on the Internet? Or got some sent to you by your friend? It will be nice to have a virtual tour before you actually go and discover by yourself :). But well, you still have 6 months ahead.

wow I’m glad to hear that!!! now i know we can get married w/o any problem…
Well today i was looking for pictures on the internet and i actually saw some pictures it looks really nice !!! and i already know the places that i wanna go to and visit. What city of Morocco are you from???
Thanks for your help:^^:

I am from Agadir :).
You’re welcome, I am here to help! Feel free to ask.


I am new here too. If you are having some problems or have questions about Islam, perhaps I might help, also. I have been a Muslim for thirty years now.

wow 30 years that’s a long time!!! Well i Hope my boy and me can be the same way

Hmmm… Carito, I think that you read that as “I have been with a Muslim”?

Im so sorry!!! My bad oh my god yes i misunderstood that! sorry!!! SORRYYYYYYYYYY
Well can u tell me what you have to do to become a muslim? Muslim is that a religion?
what is the difference between muslim to another religion?
sorry again!!:neu:

Welcome around Carito! You have the same name as a friend of mine.

Islam is the name of the religion. Muslim is the name of the person who follows/embraces Islam.
While Christians believe in Trinity for instance, we believe in one God.
The 5 pillars of Islam are:

  • Testifying that there is no God but Allah, and that Mohamed is His messenger.
  • Pray 5 times a day.
  • Give alms to the poor.
  • Fast during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Doing the pilgrimage to Makkah, only if you can afford it.


Hello Carito,

Well, Bnita just provided you with the basics of Islam, and it seems as though she can provide specifics also. If you have any specific questions concerning Islam I will do my best to provide you with short concise answers where possible. Sometimes it is not possible to give only short responses.

Admin’s, forgive me. I do not wish to discuss Islam here. I want to absorb as much Darija as possible.

oh wow that’s interesting!!! now i know why my boyfriend says about one god!!!, and what is ramadan, I’m sorry i now this is to learn Darija only but i would love to know more about your culture, thanks for answering all my ?'s thanks again!!!

hi guys its me again im really sad because my boyfriend told me that his father told him to get married with his cousin oh my god!!! i couldn’t believe it when he told me that.
That sound tottaly crazy, but anyways now im so afraid to go overthere because i dont wanna have problems with his father or his family, i guess his father doenst want him to be with me idont know what deal is! but I’m really sad dontknow what to do??? and my trip is in november should i go? my boyfriend tells me that he wants to see me but I;m so afraid i mean I trust him butI really dont know if it woulld be a good idea to go. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Hello Carito,
I didn’t notice your other post before. Ramadan is a holy month of the Muslim calendar, during which we are asked to fast.

I don’t know what to advice regarding your relationship. You need to be sure that his father is okay with you visiting. If he is not, better not go. Besides the waste of time and money, it will be emotionally draining to go there to be rejected. But if you want to go so that his father can see you and know who you are, and maybe change his mind about you, then that’s not a bad idea. It’s up to you to choose what suits you better.