hi everybody
I’m new in forum and I need welcome from u. I’ll present my self. I’m Safia from morocco. 17 years old. student
my french. my english. my deutsch and even my arabic is bad. that’s explains why I’m not talkative often
I know. i’m still young but I like so much the words of adults. so u have to accept among u
I’ll cry

Iwa mer7ba bik Jungfer. :okay:
How come you speak Deutsch?

If you participate in the forums actively enough, I believe you’ll improve your communication skills.

mar7ba bik Jungfer!

Hehe Jangfer, it’s fine wallahi in this forum we accept people the way they are :wink: and oh… i forgot to mention, we also assist in stretching their tongues so they become chatterboxes like us :smiley:

mr7baaaaa bik w enjoy ah :slight_smile:

thnx everybody for ure comments
you’re really friendly and lovelyand I like that so much
it seems I’ll spend good time with u

no doubt :wink:

take care

Hello and :welcome: Safia :slight_smile: i hope you’ll enjoy your time here :smiley:

See you around

thnx Mr Tafoukt and u again lallaaicha
I wonder about the most effective way of language acquisition
I tried many mays. But the results are not as expected
I think that the error in my vulnerable memory

don’t put dirt on your memory, just work harder and inshallah you’ll get there, i’m a “fishbrain” my self, if you like, but alhamdulillah once i put in enough effort even i achieve something. practice makes perfect, just keep practicing, don’t get upset if you make mistakes, we’re here to help.

& cheer up missy :smiley:

btw. my mum would recommend you to eat some walnuts for a better memory :slight_smile: hehe
take care

ooooooooh thnx lallaisha for your advices
and about the fishbrain. I don’t think u are
u are a genius In view of your participants in the forum
and thnx for your mother recommend too
I will eat them
hoping for a good result

haha, you’re most welcome. Good luck!!

hello jungfer!!
welcome to Sm!
hope to see you around!!
make sure u just participate in the forums!! :slight_smile:
see you

thnx both of u
see u around


Interessting name. Any reasons why you chose that name?

Welcome to the forums Safia :welcome:, believe me ur gonna have a smashing time here wallah :hap:
Look forward to seeing you around :smiley:

u are 100% welcome