hi there

Hi i’m new too, i’m so happy that i’ve found this website. I had found others, but i found out that you can’t trust everybody to translate you, apperently there are some girls who really think it’s haram that a western non moslim girl has something with a fine moroccan guy, and they call you names and translate different things then what you’ve asked for… :cry: But that’s overnow !!

my habibi was so happy with the message i’ve send him ! I really want to learn the language! And i really like supprising him, so you’ll see me here more often !!

about me, i’m from europe, i have a daughter who’s about 3 years old, and i fell in love with a really great guy… who of course is moroccan, but we do speak the same language, i just want to make him happy with my little sentences !!

see you guys !

Welcome aboard :). I am glad you find our forum useful.
There is nothing wrong in having a non Muslim girl be involved in a relationship with a Moroccan guy. And as long as the messages you’re asking for to be translated are decent and will make your friend happy, then I do not see any reason for me not to help. I am glad I helped making a sick person smile.

Feel free to ask. And if you decide to start learning the language too, you will find some lessons to start with in the website, and some exercises here in the forum.

See you around.

Hi there,

i would love to take the lessons, cause i want to suprice him by saying something sweet to him, but i really start from scratch !! i think lesson 1 is way out of my league ! as i say before, i didn’t have anything to do with all of this before i met him… :slight_smile: but i for sure like to try !! the pronouncing is very difficult as i can’t have somebody saying it to me…

But thanks, and if you can halp me with it it would be awesome !!

You can start by asking him to read some words for you to be familiar with the letters, then you’ll be able to read on your own, if you study hard enough ;).

Welcome to Speak moroccan forum!
hope u enjoy it


thank you very much ! Shukran bzzaf !!

i’ve been writing down all the lessons already, it’s nice to get an idea of what habibi says ! I ask him to send easy sentences and then i try to translate them. Sometimes when i see him he asks me something, but that goes to quick, i can understand it better if he writes it down then when he says is. But i’m sure that will change, i only started this week !

Nice to meet you !!

Most people think that Moroccans speak way too quickly. It’s already a good start that you can understand things when written :).
Keep studying :).

Mer7ba b Sweety!
Welcome Sweety!