hi there!

my name is ahmed i was born and live in london my darija is ok and expand my vocabulary especially getting to know names of common everyday objects!

mr7ba, welcome to the forum ahmed, hope u have an awesome time with us… no actually i don’t hope it, i guarantee it :smiley:
see you around.

Hello Ahmed !


Welcome Ahmed
Inchallah you’ll enjoy your time over here

choukran for your warm welcomes I will try fit this round my studies and hope to engage as much as possible!

welcome ahmed :wink:

mr7aba ya a7mad :hap:

Welcome to the forum, Ahmed. Please start by checking the links in my signature in order to learn more vocabulary and useful phrases in Moroccan Arabic.

now a day in uk there was volcano all the flight are closed my brother wants to back in america but he still there.

Mer7ba bik Ahmed!!
c u around and good luck with ur studies!!

well now the flight is open now you can enjoy the vacations.
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