Hi! New here, thanks to zahara hindi :)

Hi everybody, i’m Simona, italian (Naples) and i’m here because in these weeks i’ve known zahara hindi’s songs and searching for some “meanings” of “imik si mik” i’ve founded your forum :slight_smile:

I speak english as you can see, a little french and of course italian :wink:

I’d like so much to learn something about moroccan language, actually i study maths, i love animals so i hope i can study vet too, but i’m in love with learning languages, so i’d like to know something more…always more :slight_smile:

I think there’s also another way of writing right?

Here you write with occidental alphabet but only for “words sound” isn’t it?

Well, i’m all ears, all eyes, to learn something more :smiley:
Imik si mik

Hello Simona! :slight_smile:

Welcome! I m sure you ll learn alot here, feel free to ask any questions, guys always ready to help :wink:

I guess you have never been to Morocco, right? So any plans to visit it once?

See you around :slight_smile:

Hi Touta!
No, never been in Morocco, this summer maybe i’ll go to Spain, there’s there a friend of mine :wink:
But i hope i can soon visit Morocco as well as other places, i like so much travelling, but i have a “personal zoo” (2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hammer, 2 aquariums :wink: and i’m volunteer…) that is difficult to manage in these situations…
we’ll see :slight_smile:
I’ve made so many question all around yesterday night, i’m a little ignorant, i know :slight_smile:
But i like so much learning, and i already can read and write all letters :smiley: (all but “special”, i need more time!) :smiley:

ahh I see … once you go there I m sure you ll fall in love with Morocco :wink:

I was planning to visit Spain this summer too :slight_smile: but next time … It’s a nice country :slight_smile: Hopefully you ll share your experience of going there :wink:

wow! You love animals! That’s great! I have only a cat but I it’s almost the same like to have the whole zoo at home :smiley:

mmm… I can’t help you alot with darija because simply I m not a native speaker at all … I m learning it too, and I guess I m the worst student here :smiley:
But guys will help you … I guess coz of summer not many people come here … I m sure they are going to be back soon

No problem, i’m searching informations everywhere ^^

And i’m writing here, my blog (www.liberolamiamente.wordpress.com), what i learn and what i’m going to learn :wink:

There i speak italian, but there are many things that can be understood by everyone, and many things that i’ve “stolen” from english and franch sites :wink:

No problem for “vacations”, i hope i can leave me too so soon :slight_smile:

mer7aba simona