Hi...just introducing myself

Salaamu Aleikom,

and Hello,

First of all, my compliments on the site, it’s very usefull and has help me out with lots of words.

I am Sumaya, Dutch from origine, bute living in Morocco for 2 years now. My inlaws speak mostly riffia, so that’s the language we mostly speak. But now I’m used to living here, I really want to make some new friends and most people just don’t spek riffia. So…now I’m trying to learn darijja. I can unterstand a lot, but am not able to speak (maybe just shy) in real sentences.
I hope to learn a lot here!
(I’m sorry my english isn’t perfect either)

wa salaamu aleikom

wa 3laikom assalaam

weeeeeelcome Sumaya,
congrats on the marriage, allah ykmmel likom bkhir inchallah. May you be happy forever with your husband.

You are at the right place if you want to gain skills in speaking darija, which will obviously be very useful for someone living in Morocco.
If you need any help we are all ready to be at your service :slight_smile:

See you around!!
Bssalama 3lik

Welcome to the forum, Sumaya. You can practice with us, read all the material that’s already on the forum and website, and ask loads and loads of questions. We’re here to help.

See you around.


thanx for welcoming me.Also thanx for congratulating me on our marriage and ameen, to your dua. We have been married though for quiet a while (about 10 years :wink: ) but living in Morocce for allmost 2 years.

Anyyway, I have already learned so much from the topics here !! Hust looking forward to learning more and more…

wa salaamu aleikom