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Hello, I am trying to learn darija, I have been on holliday to Agadir a couple of times and I love the country we are going back again at the end of this year and I would like to be able to converse with the locals. I am also looking at moving over there as there is alot of construction happening in agadir at the moment and to be honest i just want to get out of the UK.

The problem i have at the moment is that I do not know where to start with learning a new language and would be greatfull for a push in the right direction.

Thank you

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Hello liamgibbins, and welcome to SpeakMoroccan.
So where to start… There are people who want to just learn expressions and daily life vocabulary, so they go on with transcription. But some people like to also learn the Arabic alphabet for their own education. It’s useful to read signs on the road, try to understand what’s going on TV, what’s on the newspaper. I must say that learning the Arabic alphabet is a good thing, since later you can improve also MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) learning.
Basically, to start, I suggest that you go through our Moroccan Arabic lessons and Darija vocabulary lists, and try to learn the most possible at your own rhythm and convenience. Then try with the easiest exercises here. And at any moment you have a doubt, just come and ask here, we’ll be glad to help.
So, see you around.

I am interested in learning the writen form and vocal form of communication for instance on the lesson guides Kî dâyra? (how are you doing?), how would you pronounce this. the way that I would find it easiest to learn is to put the words on paper into vocal communication. to recognise the writen as a vocal phrase ect.

The vocal form is what is called transcription. For instance, in Arabic letters this ?? ??? is read as: kî dâyrâ. There are several ways to transcribe, but no real universal one. You can read about ours here.
After reading you’ll realize that: is read as kee. And dâyrâ close enough to day-râ, but don’t roll your r too much.
Does that answer your question?

PS: I see that you already got started learning, which is good :). You can let this thread be for welcoming you, and start asking questions either in the Moroccan Arabic translation forum, or the Darija exercises forum.

Welcome to the forum. marhba bik!

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