hi, I am Elise

Hi everyone,

My name is Elise and I came across this great site. I enjoy the short stories and all the things to learn here. I am interested in Darija, not because of work or relationship with anyone Moroccan, but just because I visited Morocco several times and I love the country, the culture, the food (!), the people and the sound of the language. Hope to learn a lot from you all.


Mr7ba bik, Elise :).
Your intro made me smile, you probably had read that post where I asked a new comer what makes her interested in Darija :D.
I hope that you’ll become an active member, and learn loads with us.

See you around!

mr7ba bik Elise ! :smiley:


Salam Elise.

Hope you have a good stay here.

mer7ba bik Elise!
Glad to see someone like u liking morocco and its culture!
see you around

Thank you all. I really enjoy this site. there is so much information and so much to learn. Thanks for adding all your remarks. I hope we will exchange a lot of new stuff. See you around.