hi i am a new member

hi everybody, my name is mark and i am new to this site so saying hi. I am of english origin and have just arrived back after 6 months in maroc where i have a beautiful maroccan girlfriend called nawal. So just saying hi. i send her lovely messages in maroccan so if anybody has any nice ones,feel free to tell me so i can surprise her but please tell me the english translation.hope you all have a great day

mr7ba bik mark ! :welcome:

Welcome/MAr7ba bik mark!

Welcome to the forum, Mark.
I hope that you’ll find here what you’re looking for. You can check old translations in the appropriate forum, you’ll probably find there expressions that you can use as well.
See you around.

Welcome !!

Don’t forget to learn the language :stuck_out_tongue:

Please translate. I am trying to explain "iron deficiency"to my girlfriend in maroc so that she can get some natural medicine for my mum. can anybody translate in moroccan please…thankyou for any help

hey mark! welcome!! i know iron is 7adeed :confused: but that’s all, we better wait for someone else :hap:

thankyou for that…its a good start

Will reply in your other thread, since translation requests are to be posted in the translation forum.