Hi! Hola! Salam!

I stumbled upon this site whilst looking for information on the Darija dialect… very interesting site. I’m starting arabic lessons this week and simply can’t wait to get stuck in! I spent 2 months in southern Spain recently, and then a week in Granada and was enchanted by the Moroccan culture I came across (particularly in Granada). I spoke to tons of warm and gracious muslim peeps out there and thus began my journey of discovery. I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable by the general portrayal of islam in the western media but never had the balls to challenge what I was seeing… there are so many things that I respect about what I preceive to be Moroccan, and henceforth, muslim culture. As a half English, half French ‘guiri’ its difficult to find out the truth about this fascinating and wholly different way of life. The respect for family is probably one of the most appealing aspects thus far… I’ve had a chaotic life in England - for years I didn’t respect my folks, bless them, and they stuck by me, despite the fact that I was often rude, ungrateful and utterly self-centred.

I am at present a Catholic… but haven’t believed nor gone to church for over 10 years. Put simply: I miss the fortitude that comes with faith. I want to believe in something again. I lost faith in Catholicism when I realised how absurd the papal regime is… I am certainly fascinated by Islam and I truly want to believe. However, I have to be honest with myself about my motivations… My girl-friend is Moroccan. Yes, I can virtually see the raised eyebrows - but she is a good woman, (strong willed and fiercely devoted to her faith, country and culture) - the likes of which I have never met before and I’m not about to let her slip through my fingers.

There is no future for us if i don’t ‘revert’. Can my new-found respect/admiration for Moroccan culture extend so far as to enable me to become a muslim? One thing is for certain… I can’t stay in the UK. I want to have a family and whatever my chosen creed - I ain’t going to do it here… What first attracted me to my gf, having conversed with her at length, was that, to my surprise, we shared the same values. Muslim values. My previous ‘brainwashed’ prejudice (albeit passive) has clearly dissipated… I sincerely wish to learn more. I am still troubled with doubts - the impending execution of a christian pakistani woman for supposed ‘blasphemy’ is abhorrent in my eyes. The lack of a central global islamic governing body also stalls me in my quest for certainty. I don’t want to insult good muslims by converting for my own selfish ends - essentially love! I want to read examples of tolerance. I want to know that If I convert I can retain my tolerance of other peoples…

Am I mad?!

Apologies for such a long-winded and serious introduction. Would welcome any feedback - positive or scathing - I’m here to learn and just want to be honest.

dude…wow…intense…rbna ma3k…but dont say (or dont do) converting for love…you need a different reason…

sorry that’s all i got right now.

what i can tell you is that anyway people will always think or say that you did conversion just for love or to make it easier to get married or something, even if it’s NOT your only reason.
So, whatever, just don’t pay attention, and if you really want to become a muslim, if you believe in it, so just do it.

Ta for the replies my friends… Its interesting to see stuff from another angle… I expected to be grilled, to be honest! Yes, I do love this woman… but I see her more as an inspiration, than a motivation - to put it clearer. And you’re right - there will always be peeps that doubt ones sincerity - they can be easily ignored. There has to be a God, and I always doubted the claim that Jesus was the son of God… The journey continues! x