Hi guys

Hi all, my name is Atef and i’m from Egypt but was born and raised up in UAE. I know arabic ofcourse but I cant understand anything from the Moroccan dialect. What I’m looking for here is to understand it, not necessarily speak the dialect, It would be great if you guys can point me out to the right direction as I’ll be heading to Morocco in July for a vacation :smiley:

Welcome aboard, Atef. Menawwar ;).
Did you check the lessons we have over in SpeakMoroccan’s website? You can grasp some Moroccan Darija fast from there. Besides, you can check our exercises section, especially the ones with videos, this way you’ll practice listening and see how much you understand. I am sure you’ll progress fast since you already speak Arabic.
Here is a hint: Just use a lot of “sukun” with words, and you’ll make them so Moroccan ;). You say normally elmadrasa, in Morocco, just say lmdrasa. Combine that with some vocabulary, and you’re ready for your vacation.

:welcome: @ Atef :slight_smile:

welcome to sm !

Which cities are you going to visit?

oooo…ur from the UAE too…just noticed lol
which cities r u going to ?

Welcome Atef, you are right, Moroccan dialect is not easy as others, but don’t worry it just seem to be difficult.


Assalamu alaikum

Marhaban Atef