Hi everyone

Hi everyone…

My name is Autumn. I visited Morocco last summer and am hoping to return some time this year. I have worked with Moroccans at my restaurant for almost 5 years, so I know a few phrases, but I would love to know more. This here looks like a great resource for a language that’s primarily spoken and for which there are nearly no books to learn. Plus it gives everything context so it’s better than books anyway.


Welcome Autumn :). We’ve met virtually elsewhere, so I am glad to find you in one more place, and hope that you’ll feel home here.
Feel free to ask for anything you need, we’re here to help.
See you around ;).

Welcome Autumn, you have a strange name but beautifull :slight_smile:


Welcome Autumn!!
nice to haqve u hear with us! :wink:

Thanks everyone… devanymix thanks for the compliment. :slight_smile: I was born on the first day of the season that year so that is why my dad gave me this name.

The story of a name is always fascinating !!

Is there a thread about the stories of members names? if not then we must open one :stuck_out_tongue:

No there isn’t, go ahead and open one ;).