HI Everyone

Hi I am Sel.

This site is wonderful. I have been to Morocco twice so far and loved it. My husband is from there. I am trying to learn as much as I can so I can converse with my wonderful in-laws. I would love to have some Moroccan friends to help me learn more about the culture and language.


Welcome to the forum, Sel.
What cities did you visit in Morocco? Which ones were you favorites?
Feel free to tell us all kind of stories about cultural differences you experienced while in Morocco, and feel free to ask about things that you couldn’t understand :). We are here to help. Many of our members are native Moroccans and will be happy to help with questions related to Darija or Morocco.
See you around :).

Welcome to the forum Sel, we will be happy to help you, I’m one of those native Moroccans :p, its gonna be great if you tell us your story with Morocco, so see you around ^^

And again :welcome: to SpeakMoroccan

hey sel
Welcome to speakmoroccan!!

Thanks for the welcomes!!! The cities I have been to were Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Essaouira. Its so hard to pick a favorite. Do you guys have any recommendations on places to visisit on my next trip?

You should see what you didn’t see so far ;). Fez for example is a historically rich city, and it has a lot of things to see. Once there, pass by Meknes and Ifran, and go to Tangiers. I didn’t see much of these myself, but looking forward to.

Hi Seljv,

Welcome to the forum! Now, we want to see you write some in Darija. :wink: