Hi everyone, I'm new ... ;)

Hi !
I’m not that new here because I used to look at the forum and the site before, but I asked myself why I didn’t share anything with the other members , so here I am :slight_smile:
I’m Kmi ( normally Camille , But Kami or Cami is far more cute ), I’m 16 and I speak french, english and I’m learning Arabic and Moroccan Darija. I have also some notions of the tunisian Darija, but I’m here to learn Moroccan darija … And I hope I will find help , and that we’ll become friends :slight_smile:
I am not yet muslim, planning to do so inchallah, but I’m still young and under my parent’s authority whiwh may cause complications … And I’m in a relationship with a young moroccan, so I’m learning his language because I know it’s important to do efforts on both sides :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading all this :smiley:
See you soon :slight_smile:

Bienvenue parmi nous Camille :slight_smile:

Best of luck Kami.