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Hi, Im also new to this forum. A friend gave me the link to this site when I asked him a qeustion. Yes, I was born in maroc in Fnideq to be precise. The only problem with me is my mother moved away from maroc when I was 3 and I hadn’t have the time to learn proper arabic. However I learned it from my father who always talks in Arabic(Darija), I can speak it fine and also understand it perfectly. The only thing that I can’t do so well is write it, I can read some of it and only write like a couple of words. Im going to Fnideq this week and I want to just learn from this forum as much as I can.

I’ve looked around in the forum and seen alot of helpfull topic’s and the people are also nice. I’m writing this in english so that im sure im not making any mistake’s. I really want to go back to maroc some day. I’ve been back 3 time’s at my summerbreak and each time I miss it so much when I go back. If you wanna know something about me just ask I won’t bite :^^:

Thanks anyway :okay:

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If you can speak Darija, then that’s very good, that’s what matters most. And when you say that you want to learn writing it, you mean the transcription or learning the Arabic alphabet? Not all Moroccan transcribe Darija the same way, you know. For example, most Moroccan transcribe the “sh” sound as “ch”, because that’s how it’s spelled in French. So as long as you can understand Darija, you can get your way into transcription.
See you around :).

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