Hey all. I was born in England and also grew up there but I am of Moroccan origin. I visit Morocco nearly every year and speak a little Darija. I’m currently learning how to read and write in Arabic and I was also hoping that I could expand and improve my Darija. That is why I’ve signed up to this site. :^^:

I hope I can meet and get along with a lot of you while learning this beautiful language.

Hello Moulay and :welcome: :slight_smile: i hope you’ll spend a great time here and learn a lot :smiley: knowledge is cool :okay: :stuck_out_tongue:

See you around

hi moulay. u welcome and hope for u a pleasant stay with us
and I hope also you’ll improve your darija in this site
don’t worry you will
because members here are very helpful

Which cities do you visit a Moulay?

welcome to the forum moulay, it’s great to have more natives coming in, inshallah you’ll be quite handy in the translations section :smiley:

see you around!
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All of my family live in Casablanca so I spend most of my time there but sometimes I visit Tangier, Bouznika and Rabat. :slight_smile: Bouznika isn’t really a city though, it’s a town in between Casablanca and Rabat. :stuck_out_tongue:

mer7ba bik a moulay!!
glad to have another native among us :slight_smile:
well when i go back home i spent most of my time in casa too the other part is spent in tetouan/tangier