Hellooo everybody :hi: or should i say salam 3likoum :stuck_out_tongue: ! I’m 17 years old and i’m born and live in Sweden :hap: but i’m originally moroccan (Ouarzazate). I like to learn Tachelhit beacause it’s my language which i’ve never learned to speak :oops: but i understand a bit tho, and i wanna be able to speak with my relatives other then english mixed with sum tachelhit form when i visit Morocco.

I’m looking forward to learning some tachelhit :dance:

Hey Tafoukt!

welcome to the forum! nice to have u among us!!

I want to learn tachelhit too !! :smiley:

see you around

Hehe :ty: then we have something in common :okay:

Nice nickname by the way, yeah Morocco rulez :smiley:

welcome with us Tafoukt :slight_smile:
do you speak Arabic?

Thank you anisa :smiley: and to answer your question , unfortunately no i don’t speak arabic either :oops: hehe

wa 3laikom essalam! mr7ba bik Tafoukt !


Welcome tafoukt! Good luck in learning Tachelhit!! :slight_smile:

yea it does rule