Hey u all guys here!

Hello u all moroccan lovers! <3

I’m a Finnish girl in her 20’s and just started trying to learn Darija a bit. My boyfriend lives in Marrakech and we have known each other for about 17 months. I have also visited Morocco twice but becoz I never had enough time or strength to start studying the language I have tried to survive without it (except some vital phrases of course ). Though my boyfriend always says his language is too hard to learn without any teacher, I decided to try anyway. At least i could have some idea… I had some tough moments with his parents coz we don’t have a mutual language so I would love to be able to speak to them as well.

Then something about me… I live deep in Finland and its so beautiful at this time of the year when everything is green. My biggest dream is to live with my boy someday where ever it may be. I love to learn new things, especially languages which before Darija i’ve studied Japanese and French on my own. Though i find French too hard and boring to study very much (more than the basics). So i hope i’m gonna find some new challenge for myself and what could be better way than learn some language which i will surely need. :wink:
Nice to join you all!

Hey Nennu!

welcome /Merhba bik!!

glad to have u among us!
see you around

Salam Nennu, welcome to the forum :).

It must be lovely in Finland at this time of the year. With all the lakes you have, you are certainly enjoying it.

You can practice French here as well, although the forum gives the impression of being mostly in English.

See you around.

mr7ba bik Nennu !


WOW, great story to read :stuck_out_tongue: i found myself reading with my mouth half open :blush: lol
Inchallah you’ll learn a lot here which i don’t doubt one bit, we have an awesome translation crew here which are, at times, as fast as lightning :slight_smile:

I think i’ve seen your channel on youtube before, anyway have a great time. see you around