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Hey, Im Charlotte & I’m British but I know a fair few Moroccans, and I feel a bit bad when I have trouble communicating with some of them, so I thought i’d give learning the language a go. I can speak French pretty well, and I know the basics of Darija, and can just about string a simple sentence together in the language :). I have a million and one questions, but I’ll just ask my first one or two here.

Does “bzaaf” mean “very” and “a lot”, as in can the word be used with a noun and an adjective?

I understand the use of numbers in speech (like 7mar) but what does the “3” refer to?

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I am confused whether to leave this post here, or more it to the exercises/questions section. I’ll answer your questions here this time, but feel free to go to the exercises section for the remaining of the million and one questions ;).

1- Yes, bzzaf can be used both as very and a lot.
Ana fer7an bzzaf = I am very happy.
3endi bzzaf dial leflous = I have a lot of money.

2- 3 is a sharp sound. It refers to the Arabic letter ? that has no equivalent in English, so Arabs had to come up with a way to transliterate it while writing Arabic in Latin letters.
You’ll find 3 in words such as 3ini (my eye), 3aalam (world), etc.

Ah, sorry. I’ll look more carefully next time :slight_smile:

I have just about conquered the verb “to have”, but what does “dial” refer to here?

Sorry for replying again, but where is the best place to go for my questions? :wink:

[quote=.Sharleyx]Ah, sorry. I’ll look more carefully next time :slight_smile:

I have just about conquered the verb “to have”, but what does “dial” refer to here?[/quote]
We just want you to have your little new comer space where others can welcome you.

If you want translations, then it’s the translations section. For your questions, the exercises forum is the best place. Don’t worry if you loose your way, we can move threads to the right place.

Dial means of, in possession.
Ex: Lbab dial ddar = The door of the house, the house’s door
Diali = Mine
Dialek = Yours

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