hey guys

I’m new to this forum . My name is Aimée and I’m from Switzerland. My husband is from Casablanca and I really wanna learn Darija. I know some words or expressions but not enough to understand a real conversation. I was wondering if anyone would like to practice it with me. Either through emails or chatting some from time to time. My husband helps me but I dont wanna ask him all the time and I’m a better learner when i write and read it. so if there’s someone who would like to practise just msg me :smiley:

take care

not me :stuck_out_tongue: but welcome, check our translations forum if you want some vocab or phrases to practice :slight_smile:

@ ach, why not u ya3am, ur as good as a native… macha’allah

welcome aimeeeeeee, i don’t speak darija well, not a native, not even close to one so i can’t be that useful to you… however if u do need anything let me or the others know and we’ll do what we can for you :slight_smile:

see u aroooound

Welcome to the forum, aimée.

Feel free to start a practicing topic where everyone can contribute, and all questions are welcome. We’re here to help. So see you around!

hy to all of the new members o f this forum i hope u liked that forum this forum is talk about the general discussion.

welcome to all the new members who recently joined this forum .keep enjoy your life.
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