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Im looking to learn classical Arabic, as I live and work in Dubai, but also more importantly would like to and need to learn Moroccan Arabic. My girlfriend is from Casablanca, and we expect to be married this year. She can speak English no problem, however I recently met her mother, and I could not speak with her. I want to be able to communicate with her mother and father, Im sure this will make them happy and feel more comfortable.

Thanks for the great group and resources.


(wonder what it means? Airport codes, yyz in dxb, or Toronto in Dubai) Im from Toronto, Canada, but lived in Dubai for 2 years.

Yeah, your nickname is indeed strange :hap:. I’ll just call you Zind, to make it simplier :hap:.
Welcome aboard, I hope that you’ll be a good student and start doing exercises and ask questions.
Did you learn the Arabic alphabet or intend to?

Yes, I am learning the alphabet. I can pretty much read any word, takes me a few minutes, and of course dont know the meanings yet, but in time, and with more practice. My intent is to be fluent and be able to read and write. I am planning on starting classes soon, perhaps next week, for Classical Arabic. Then with help from my girlfriend and this site, I can pick up the Moroccan as well, Inshallah

Did you learn short vowels too? (7arakat: fa7a, kasra, damma…)
If you like to practice your Arabic alphabet, we can have a topic in the exercises section for that.
And of course, feel free to ask for sentences to be translated to Darija whenever you need to tell your future mother in law things, that’ll make her happy :).

Weeeeelcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Thx devanymix.

Yes, I have learned (am learning still) the short vowels. Yes very much want to practice the alphabet. Im surrounded by Arabic everyday, so I can practice, even as I drive, reading signs etc.

I’ll definitely take you up on the translation. She gets a big laugh out of anything I say.

I just started an exercise for those who are learning the alphabet, here. Feel free to join in.
Being in an Arabic environement or having an Arab partner helps at least with the prononciation, so you get to know what you said wrong and can work on saying tough letters better (q, 3, 7…).

Welcome to the forum!!
cool we have another person who is living in the UAE:)

Hi yyzindxb and welcome around!

Learning Darija and learning standard Arabic are two different goals. That’s like learning two languages, even if they are a bit close to each other.
Does it happen to you to use Moroccan words while attempting to speak standard Arabic? Or maybe you haven’t reached that stage yet…