Hey everyone

salam 3leikom, I’m Bouchra, I live in Norway, orginaly from Morocco <3
I only speak some Darija, I wanna learn more, it would be amazing If I could be fluent in it someday.
I’m fluent in tarifit though :slight_smile:

I’ll see you guys around, and can’t wait to learn more :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, LallaBouchra.
I hope to see you around, and to help you with Darija.

Hey LallaBouchra. :smiley:

We’re kinda in the same boat, I know some Darija and would like to improve it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moulay, do you speak some Tarifit too?
If not, then you’re definitely on a different boat :lol:

mr7ba bik LallaBouchra, rani LallaAicha, bon 7na lLallaat dial lforum … made sense? :unsure:

Hi Bouchra (you’re name is so familiar around my family :slight_smile: )
You’re gonna have a nice time here learning and entertaining.
See ya around sis…

Hej och välkommen Bouchra :slight_smile:

It’s not nice when people register, introduce themselves, and never come back to the forum lol

Come back Bouchraaaaa, or i will start a riot :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoukran everyone for the warm welcome :smiley:

shoukran, … some of it, but what does “bon 7na lLallaat” mean?

Takk, takk, du bor i svergie? :slight_smile:

Start a riot LallaAicha :stuck_out_tongue: heheh
I’m sorry that I haven’t posted but I’m a Pharmacy student, so I’m always super busy with school.
and when I’m online I forget to check by here and post, but I’ll try and post when I can from now on okey?! :wink:

Lugnt =), ja, jag bor i Sverige xD

Kult :okay:

Hi, lalla Bouchra.

7tta ana ma3ndichi ldarija wa3ra, w kanqra shuya flforum, fez-anqa w fed-dar. Walakin ana gawri 7or :slight_smile:

Mar7aba bik w mutsharfin!

Mer7ba bik lalla Bouchra!