hey everyone!

Hey guys!
I am new here (obviously, lol) :slight_smile:
I am from Russia, but live in Australia. And madly in love with Moroccan guy (who I met here in Australia), and luckily he loves me too :slight_smile: So I am trying to learn Moroccan and he is learning Russian, so right now I’ll say something in Moroccan to him and he replies in Russian, hehe, sound funny when we do that :slight_smile:
So I started off my learning with buying a lil Moroccan Arabic phrasebook by “lonely planet”, which has been very helpful! But then I came across this web-site and I LOVE it!!! Its a shame there are no audios here though :frowning: as apparently my pronunciation can be very funny sometimes :slight_smile:

cool, welcome olga

i think we are going to have some audio soon in cha allah

That would be great!!!

Also some audio in Tishelheijd ??

Wold be even grater:clap:

privet Olga!
I speak Russian as well (Im from Kazakhstan) and married to Moroccan, we also teach each other Russian and Darija:) good luck with learning!

hey Olga!
Welcome/Merhba bik!
Glad to have you among us!

Welcome to the forum, Olga. :slight_smile:

Are there many Moroccans where you live in Australia?

We started to have some audio by the way, check out our youtube channel here.

@ Kazin:
We are focusing on Darija for the moment. Tachelhit will come next hopefully.

Heja olga,

a big welcome here!

I watched the videos and want to give some congratulation; they are very very nice!
Next time I go to morocco - hopefully in November inchallah - I plan to record some tapes like a vocabulary trainer for me to learn. If my Idea works out I will be happy to share them with you :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik Olga!


Welcome Olga, typical Russian name :wink: at least, to me it is. :smiley:
I hope the forum enlightens you.

aaaawh!Thank you guys!
so excited about the audios! That would help a lot!

re SimplyMoroccan: no, we just know a couple. But actually found a group on Facebook just yesterday for Moroccans in Australia, and there are over 20 members there already :slight_smile: But apparentely there are 40,000 Moroccans in Au…I don’t know where they are all hiding though…

re Asiem: privet Asiem! hehe, that’s so funny! and my parents are actually from Kazakhstan :slight_smile:

Olga, when u find any Moroccans in Australia, please let me know, i will jump on them, put a leash around them and take them home A.S.A.P :smiley: i’m also in Australia :hap: & quite disappointed that there aren’t many Moroccans around… i will trade the Lebanese for Moroccans any day :smiley:
take care!

HAHAHA!!!LOL!!! alright, 'll let you know, and when you do that please take us with you! we cook pretty well…and we can carry your shopping around :slight_smile: We’ve been to the Moroccan restaurant here in Sydney (btw LOVED it), and saw quite a few there, so perhaps I should just give you their address :slight_smile: Where in Au are you? re:Lebanese: agree!!!lol :slight_smile:

Olga, good to have another aussie that agrees with me! :smiley: i live in Melbourne, although i’m not a true blue aussie, i’m Turkish by origin :wink: so we can be considered cousins :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding Moro restaurants, inshallah i’ll be going to one in Melbourne in the following weeks with a friend who i’ve made Morocco obsessed too. it’s contagious walla :lol:

Take care!