hey everybody, i'm Safia!!

SO i’m new here and i’m happy to join this forum! Seems like a lot of fun!!

Salam Safia :slight_smile:

Welcome !

Do you speak darija ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hi safi :slight_smile:
welcome :stuck_out_tongue: r u from morocco ?

ps- touta ch7al fik dial tberguiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome safiiiiiaaaaa, are you the feminine version of safi? i love that word, next time i’ll say “wa safiaaaaa baraka mn lhadra” instead of “safi” :smiley:

enjoy your stay here, everyone on the forum carries the virus “awesomessitus” so you’ll also cop it from us after a few days and notice awesome changes in your humour and 3qliya :wink:

Thank you everyone!!! So sweeeet!!!

@LallaAïcha: i’ve never heard of that, but yeah why not?! sounds good. and thank you for your welcoming!:^^:

@Madridista and @Touta: yes i’m from morocco: Casablanca. i speak Darija fluently, and i’m originally chel7a from Agadir, and i speak Tachel7it fluently as well. So if you need a teacher? i’m HERe!!:lol:

oooohhhh thnx Safi :slight_smile: i really need some help with my darija :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh, Safia… You are from Casablanca! :gheart:
That’s great!

looool Mad, yeah your darija needs improvement exactly :rofl:

:stuck_out_tongue: i still cant understand some words

you’re welcome if you need any help, just ask!!

don’t worry Safia Mad is going to ask aloooooot :stuck_out_tongue:
he always has smth to ask :^^:

hhahahahahahahh yeaaaaaah true touta :stuck_out_tongue: i always have special questions :stuck_out_tongue:
safsaf : what do u do in ur life ?? :stuck_out_tongue: if its ok with u hhhhhh

mer7aba biki 3ndana safia im glad we have a new teacher!!! i was really getting tired of mad :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me too :stuck_out_tongue:
i really need new students :smiley: … hot girls with big ***** and lovely ***** and why not some ***** :^^:

noo problem, really!!

[quote=Madridista]hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me too :stuck_out_tongue:
i really need new students :smiley: … hot girls with big ***** and lovely ***** and why not some ***** :^^:[/quote]
Let me fill in the blanks for Mad: Big brains, a lovely attitude, and some decency.

Welcome to the forum, Safia. We hope to see you become an active member. Feel free to initiate any exercises or games for people who learn Darija.


looool sure Mad meant these things exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont even know what those words mean :s but its ok if she is a hot girl with all what ADMIN said :stuck_out_tongue:

loool what a perfect girl ! does they exist ? :stuck_out_tongue:

euuuuhh yeah :stuck_out_tongue: but they expire very quickly :smiley: u can use them for one night hhhhhh im kidding giiiiiiirls :^^: