Here i am, and Thank you if you don't get it !!

Hello everyone, i’m Amine from Morocco but live in Morocco lmao, anyway i just discovered this forum through Moroccanvocab which i discovered it inexplicably via google.
Anyway, i liked the idea, to help people to understand our darija and why not to make them usin’ it in their daily life.
So if you wanna learn, know,… whatever you want to know about darija… just let me know !


mar7ba bik Amine :slight_smile:

Hello ! so you’re Moroccan & also live in Morocco !!! well…i’ then suppose that you speak Moroccan too :^^: am i right ?

hhhhhhhhhhh…welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course i do, i speak moroccan clearly, maybe better than eveyone here :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway thank to “too smart for me” and to you too paperbird, born in Casanegra hahaha Nice location by the way :smiley:

ewa bze3ta if you speak moroccan better than anyone else. :^^:
by the way, what’s wrong with cute people ?:huh:

hahaha takoul myate che7ta for bze3ta!!
About cute people, well ask Zappa, this message was said by him. I think he knows the answer, but unfortunately he’s dead. :smiley:

Ha ha , he’s dead & his secret is burried with him then, so 2smrt if u wanna know why cute people, u need to hire Lara Craft :slight_smile:

ow why lara craft?? i would like to choose sherlock holmes if i were you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never heard about this Zappa guy, too bad, I wish I had known him before his death, he seemed to be cool and definitely not cute !

Why Lara Craft ? she’s Moroccan, sexy and freaking awesome !

… & Holmes doesn’t dive into tombs :^^:

well i don’t think so paperbird, holmes never existed, so i prefer the sexy Lara, i’ve seen her before in a cover magazine…
About Frank Zappa, he’s not cute, i think that’s why he said such a thing :smiley: and he’s a good musician, and perfect quoter too :smiley:

welcome to the forum

Thank you sweet lalla 3aycha !! :slight_smile: