help with a song needed

I’m afraid I might ask too much (and my request is sort of urgent), but I really need some help here…

That’s what it’s all about: I need the lyrics and the translation of a song in Darija. and youtube pointed to the artist Jalal Hamdaoui. The song is Merjana, Merjana, it’s only 2 and a half minutes long:

I tried to google out the lyrics, but I couldn’t, so I apologize, otherwise only a translation would be needed…

The lyrics could be in roman or arabic characters, suits me either way, half the song will work too. In fact, any information about the lyrics will mean a lot, just as long as an answer comes in 10 hours or so. If someone has the time, I would also appreciate if things, typical for Moroccan Arabic are written in bold.

Please, translate in English.

Hi ultramarine.

I guess it’s your homework there, and I would not want to do it for you, but I can help. So my suggestion is that you try to write as much as you can from the lyrics, and I correct them for you :).

Basically it’s not my homework, just the basis for it. I’m supposed to write a short (15pg) study about Moroccan Arabic, so I’m stuck here with all sorts of textbooks, but I also must have some kind of audio material, from which I’ll take my examples.
Anyway, you are right. I’ll try to write down the lyrics myself, just don’t laugh too much, okay? :slight_smile:

I am not here to make fun of anyone, I am here to help :).

I still want you to try with the lyrics, and I’ll help you out. If you need my help for your report as well, just ask away.
For the moment, focus on the lyrics ;).

half the way there… I just noticed that there are no more than 5 sentences there… So what I said about “half the song works” … is wrong :no:

Er… there are more than 5 sentences… short ones, that is.
You can do it :).
I like the song, sounds familiar to me.

I had to write that down twice (connection troubles I guess?), so it’s not that I’m THAT slow-witted… :smiley:
So here it is, open for editing:

a- Merjanah, Merjanah, iya’ badabny yanum
faquf tsani wethdatni maliyya lufni nanum


(a) Faqaf ntseny wadda ntseny
3andy l-babil nsa-tseny
ma3ruf da sheberah tseny
dululi fi nara’ (interdental "d?)


Merjanah, Merjanah… (x2)

Shafu li jiyyanarah
Rahu galu renarah
Jeld jeli bfursanaha


Never said you were ;).

I am glad you tried, but some of your words do not sound like Arabic ;). [That’s not making fun of you, that’s MY sense of HuMoR ;)].

Let me help you out with the lyrics, and then let you try with the translation.

I’ll be there in a while. Hold on.

Eh eh

A Merjana, Merjana
Hiyya bghatni yana
Khtfatni w ddatni
Mani 3arf fin ana

A khtfatni w ddatni
3nd lbab nsatni
Ma 3rft ash bghatni
Gôlo li fin ana

Refrain (X2)

Shafôni jiranha
Ra7o galôha lha
Jat tjri bforsnaha
M3wwla 3liyya ana

Refrain (X2)

I think that the song is not complete.

Want to give the translation a try?

well, I don’t understand it (and for the specific task, I don’t really need to provide a translation), but I’ll try to find some words.
Yes, it seems unfinished. Worse, it’s really short :frowning:
Since it would be insolent to ask you to do this again with another song, I hope there are Moroccan artists here:

So… thank you very much! I’ll be back soon with whatever I’ve managed to understand from the lyrics :slight_smile:

You mean it doesn’t help to have those lyrics if the song is not complete?
You want the lyrics of whatever “complete” song?

I mean I just learned I need 2-3 minutes of text, not 1 minute text and 1- music:) So I’ll add from another song, If I find one, that is:)

I just to understand exactly what you need, in order to help you efficiently.
See, that’s what songs are: half music, and half lyrics… repeated lyrics over and over. If you want pure audio, then why not take a scene of a movie? They are RICH of Darija vocabulary, if that’s your main objective. Otherwise yeah, let’s find another song.

because movies are harder to find and to ask people about. :slight_smile:
what I need is a song or two, in that case Marjana and something else, so that when I write “In Morocco “Rah” is used for… or ? is pronounced as … when …” - I’ll give an example with the song :slight_smile:

Alright. Because if you needed only matching audio with texts, then this might be helpful, or this.

wow, thank you! I hadn’t really thought of commercials. I’ll give them a thorough examination. (after we’re finished with Marjana, that is:)
was the forum just down? while I couldn’t connect I found songs by Asma Lmnawar on Youtube and noticed that she often pronounces ? as “g”, like an Egyptian. (here: How come?

Yes, the forum went down for a few minutes.
Many Moroccan singers sing in Egyptian when they seek a larger Arabic audience. Go figure. “Mesh merta7alak… ennaharadah…”, this is all Egyptian. The song you just found is in Egyptian.
I just thought of a song. Marsôl l7obb (Love’s messenger), by Abdewahab Dokali. Hasna also sang it.


I see… well that totally leaves the song out of the darija field :slight_smile: Now I remember I’ve actually heard of that tendency. I guess it’s not really that different from singing in English or French?

Anyway, here is my so-called translation. Have a good laugh :slight_smile: Really. :slight_smile:
So. Here it is. All I got.

A Merjana, Merjana -???, that must be the name, the “A” does not have any special meaning, or?
Hiyya bghatni yana ,:huh:
Khtfatni (??? ?) w ddatni she carried me away and? me
Mani 3arf fin ana (now, a brave assumption: deep inside me I know the meaning?)

A khtfatni w ddatni She carried me away and…
3nd lbab nsatni I have a door ? (now, that’s really wrong)
Ma 3rft ash bghatni What I knew is not ?
Gôlo li fin ana Gôlo - ? ? ? if so, it has something to do with greatness, but it doesn’t make sense… li fin ana: to me, inside me?

Refrain (X2)

Shafôni jiranha Her? neighbours did (something) to me,
Ra7o galôha lha they began to (something) to her
Jat tjri bforsnaha something is with our chance
M3wwla 3liyya ana I rely only to myself

Hum… It’s different. It’s a complete different target if you change the whole language.

Your translation attempt is much affected by MSA.

A Merjana, Merjana O Merjana, Merjana
A is adât nidâ2 ;), like yâ.
Hiyya bghatni yana - She wants/loves me
Khtfatni w ddatni - She kidnapped me and took me
Mani 3arf fin ana - I don’t know where I am

A khtfatni w ddatni - She kidnapped me and took me
3nd lbab nsatn - Then she forgot me at the doorstep
Ma 3rft ash bghatni - I don’t know what she wants from me
Gôlo li fin ana - Tell me (people) where I am
Gôlô is from the verb qâla. We pronounce qâf as g sometimes.

Shafôni jiranha - Her neighbors saw me
Ra7o galôha lha - They went to her and told her
Jat tjri bforsnaha - She came running with her knights
Knights here doesn’t make much sense to me. MSA word by the way.
M3wwla 3liyya ana - Counting on me

By the way, Merjana is written as: [large]???[/large].

And you can find here a 1 minute refrain from a popular Moroccan song, with its translation.
I am sure there are other things already translated around here.