I need help translating a few phrases please, ill list them below

1- I’m not hungry
2- I’m hungry
3- Lets go out and drink coffee
4- Lets go to Larache
5- Have you gave the horse water today?
6- are the cows still here
7- do you have socks i can wear
8- thanks for not telling anyone, you’re my favourite auntie
9- can you find me a job
10- do you know anyone whos selling dogs
11- can i bring you milk and you warm it up

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Ma fiyach jou3

they are some informal but u can say fiya jou3
bari n9assi mari nakole bari nt3aleje = in arabic that called for the injured

yalah nkherjo nchofo chi 9ahowa or radi nmchiwo l’9ahowa in that context

yalah nmchiwo Larache

wach 3titi le l’3awede i cherebe lyouma? or wach rwiti l’3awede? -lyoume-?

wach l’be9ra ba9a hna?

wach 3andek t9achere fe ta9ada diyali? or 3andek chi t9acher? -bari nlbeshome-?

chokran 7ite ma 9oltiha l7ta wa7ede, nti hya 3chirti

wach t9der tl9a lya chi khedma?

wach kar3ref chi wa7ede ky bi3e lkelabe?

wach n9der njibe like l7libe o diro ifide?

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Please will you translate this
My soul mate and my love :heartbeat:
A thousand miles can’t keep us apart
Two hearts beat together
Soufiane Sahbane and Rebecca De Bernardis
I love you millions and millions :heart: :blue_heart: :heart:

if you want that translate to Arabic i can, and that is:
rafi9i wa 7oubie, allafe al amiyale lane tofari9ana
9albayne yakhfi9ani ma3ane
Soufiane Sahbane wa Rabecca De Bernardis
o 7iboka milyoune mara


Hello Hicham,
I noticed that you are very active and would like to kindly ask for your help translating something from Darija to English. I’m new and didnt figure out yet how to send a direct message to someone, so if you could message me that would be great :slight_smile:
Have a wonderful day,

Thank you so much :heartbeat: i appreciated your reply