help me!

Hey can anyone tell me what these words mean?:blink:

  • Masmouma.
  • Ghlida.
  • Mdalma.
  • Na7sel
  • Matbtach
  • Lkbida

Sorry if my English is wrong, I am from Netherlands and do not speak good English lolllll:mdr:

  • Masmouma = mean (f.s)
  • Ghlida = fat (f.s)
  • Mdalma = dark (f.s)
  • Na7sel = I get stuck
  • Matbtach = Do not spend the night (in a place)
  • Lkbida = Literally, liver. In a figurative way, sweetheart.

thankyou very much!!!:okay::okay:

I guess
Matbtach = don’t be late (to come back)

[quote=faltadialy]I guess
Matbtach = don’t be late (to come back)[/quote]
Correct. I read it “matbatch”. Again, switching only two letters, changed the whole meaning.
Thanks for the correction, faltadialy. Indeed, lfalta dialy, it’s my mistake, my bad!

matbtach !!!
can u tell us more about this verb :S never heard it before in my city

[large]???. ?? ??? ???. ??? ?? ??? ??? ???.[/large]

matbatch and matbtach are so alike yet so different… one can easily be confused!

matbTash is like mat3aTTelsh
I think the verb is “bTa” but it’s mostly used in this form “matbTash”. I mean it’s rarely conjugated with other pronouns . you see what i mean?
we also say “had l7out baTi” which means the fish is not fresh… out of date!

hello faltadialy :slight_smile:

sorry, I didn’t get … what do you mean saying “we also…” :huh: who ?

hello Toota,
we refers to moroccans, at least people of my city!

ok thnx for both of u :slight_smile:
thats a new verb for me …

ohhhh… Touta is blind then… :unsure:

I understand that you said about moroccans… But did you tell us about your city ?

yeah i wanna know too ur city :stuck_out_tongue:
well just to know where this verb is used exactky :roll:

hahaha… MAD discovered smth new :wink:

looool and for me every word here is new anyway

u c :smiley: we r all learning here :wink:

sorry Toota I didn’t get your question i thought you think i’m foreigner…
Well, madridista and toota, try to find out : I’m from ( lli biti bito ) :^^:

:wistle: I don’t have any idea … MAD?

hahhahahahahahahahahaha and dont tell me u have their accent :stuck_out_tongue:


lol touta i was talkin to her :stuck_out_tongue:
she is from marrakech