Just a quick note to introduce myself - i’m from London and have had a love affair with Morocco for about 4 years now however it’s taken me this long to finally get round to learning the language!

Also I wanted to thank the people behind this site - there isn’t much out there on the internet that teaches your Darija so this site is very welcome, your efforts are greatly appreciated! I’ve ordered a book that was on your recommended list, should be getting it in a few days time so i’ll update everyone on what it’s like.


Assalamu alaikum

Marhaban! Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Mar7ba bik Adam_Alami ! :welcome:

Bienvenue Adam_Alami!:slight_smile:

Which book did you order?
I’ve just buy “Parlons l’arabe dialectal marocain”, de Michel Quitout. I hope it will help me to learn more about darija. But I’m still looking for every books about darija. :ok:
Even if it’s an english book! :smiley:


I bought this audio CD which came with a Moroccan Arabic phrasebook:

It’s quite interesting - i’m just going through it at the moment in preperation for my next trip to Morocco, so far the CD is well put together and the phrasebook is good on brushing up on commonly used phrases.

I guess the ultimate test will be wether or not anyone can understand what i’m saying when I get to Morocco! My best friend is marrying a girl from Marakkech in February so hopefully I should be ok by then.

Also - i’m not sure when everyone else is starting Ramadan, we are starting it here in the UK tomorrow so to all those who are going to be fasting - Ramadan Mabrouk.


Welcome to the forum, Adam :).
We are happy to help people learning Darija the best we can, and you are welcome to join. We don’t really “teach” people Darija, we just do our best to enlighten learners and guide beginners. You can see Elise for example, she doing pretty good on her own :).
Ramadan is starting tomorrow in Morocco. Ramadan Mubarak to you too, and see you around.

Hopefully that book (Lonley Planet Travel Talk Moroccan Arabic) will give you a good start. The old LP ‘Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook’ was a good little book, definitely one of the best english language publications on Dareeja.