Hello all! I am a new member and I am really excited that I found this site! I was searching for something that would assist me in learning this beautiful language (as best I can) and am thankful I found this! I am currently married to a wonderful Moroccan man and we will be married for almost 4-years this November! La’amduAllah!! I am really eager to learn Darija because I want to speak to my mother-in-law, sisters, and family over in Morocco! The extent of my knowledge is limited to the basic greetings and a few choice words here and there. My husband has not been able to teach me though I have listened to him speak for almost 4 years so I know at least I have a foundation. :ok:

Anyway, I hope I can utilize all that this site has to offer. In’shAllah-I am planning to visit Morocco next summer and I really want to have a better handle on the language so I am not to lost. :blink: My husband acutally leaves tonight :cry: for a 7 week visit to see his family and I am going to miss him terribly; however, I would like to impress him with a little Darija upon his return. :okay:

I look forward to anyone who will take the time to respond!!!

Chokrane bizeffe!!!


hello Celina :hi:
welcome among us, mer7babik.
i am also working my darija! let’s improve it together here inshallah! :welcome:

Bienvenue Celina! :slight_smile:

mar7ba bîk Celina :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Celina. I am glad you found us. I hope that you’ll learn Darija with us.
Let me go to your other thread now :).

Mr7ba bik Celina :smiley: :welcome: