I live in Portland, OR USA. Next February I am on a tour, with some of my family, of Morocco. I always try to learn the basics of any language before I go. So I have been trying to learn Darija. This is a bit of a challenge for me. For other languages. I like to make Flashcards with the foreign language on one side and english in the other.

But for Darija I think you have a Darija form of Standard Arabic or a Romanized alphabet version. Sometimes with numbers and symbols for the sounds not in the english language, but other times without the symbols.

I chose to do my flash cards in the standard Arabic and the romanized version on one side and english on the there.

I would love to hear suggestions about whether this is a good idea or not and if there are better methods.

Thanks for letting me into this group.

Welcome, uilleann. Happy you’re joining the Darija learning squad :slight_smile:

I’d say language learning is a highly personalized process, and what works for others, might not work for you. So if flash cards are your thing, so be it.
Make sure you regularly practice what you learn with family, to make sure you got the pronunciation right.