Hello :)

Ok i know ive probably put this post in the wrong place (but i didnt know where to put it) :slight_smile: soo anyway im finally making the big move over to morocco :slight_smile: nervous but looking forward to it :slight_smile: but anyway i was wondering if anyone in morocco would like to get in contact with me :slight_smile: could really do with some tips about how to go about life there :slight_smile: and really need to improve my darijaaa :slight_smile: so thanks to anyone who wants to help :slight_smile:

It’s good to be back to this lovely forum again … anyways, you want some tips abt how to live in Morocco eh? lol this is gonna take a looong time but i’d like sto start with this: DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER … wait till you strengthen your immune system with msemmen, rfisa, ker3in etc etc … roflol (sorry for my bas sense of humour … u’ll get used to that in Morocco :P)
aight that was the tip of the day, bestest of luck sista, salamz (Γ΄.Γ”)

hahahaha :slight_smile: too late for drinking tap water :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol but this made me laugh :slight_smile:

what’s wrong with tap water? recycled?