Hi! I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone! I live in the USA and will be traveling to Morocco in the next couple of months to spend some time with my love! :^^: I am really excited about it and i cannot wait to see everything!

Thanks for having this website and for all the time you all put into it…I really appreciate this resource!

welcome, mra7ba bik !

welcome mer7aba

hey melwya… Welcome & Enjoy tripin’ in !!

hey :slight_smile: welcome :slight_smile: & nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody! :^^:

I am so excited about going to Morocco! I will be in Azrou, so I need to make sure I get my etiquette in line…and I hope to see some really cool waterfalls too! I am not sure if I will be visiting his relatives in Khemisett, if so, I hope I don’t melt into a little puddle lol I hear you can toss and egg on the ground and watch it cook…eeeek! :mdr:

And wow talk about getting confused when it comes to the femine, masculine and then the everyone forms…lol

but then again, who am I to talk - like English is super confusing too! :lol:

Well, nice to meet you all too…bye for now!

good luck, there are lots of posts here if you take your time