Hello all,
i just registered a few minutes ago, i actually already speak a little darija but i’d like to improve it!
The truth is i’ve been visiting the site a couple of times for a few weeks and i just thought i should really become a part of it!


Mer7ba bik f lmontada. We hope that you’ll improve your Darija a lot with us.
See you around.

Thank you very much!

Welcome on board Yona. Hope to see u around.

Hi, Yona.
Your name sounds familiar.
I mean, it’s a Hebrew name.
Welcome to this forum.
I’m new myself, though. =]

Yes you’re right, it’s a hebrew name! ???, like yunes ??? in arabic

Oh, very pleased to meet you, then.
I’m Zara. =]

welcome yona


Thank you very much!!