Hello :)

Asalamualeikum. I’m Aisha, I came here to learn some more darija, insha’allah, and to ask for some help translating a bit of stuff, hope to meet some nice ppl and learn some more moroccan arabic, to communicate better with my inlaws and to help out with a bit of a man issue… Will post my translation requests in the right section rather than in here, hello to everyone and thanks for a great site masha’allah
love Aisha

Wa 3aleykom essalam,

welcome Aicha (or 3aysha :^^: ) , we hope u came to the rigt place as well…& i think i’m “nice people” that u should meet :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck & i hope i can be of good benefit :ok:

thanks :slight_smile:

it’s nice to meet you (well type anyhow)


wa 3likom salam ya 3aisha, i’m also another 3aisha :slight_smile: welcome siso