Looking for someone to help with translation and information about Morocco!

Welcome to the forum, belladonna. You’re in the right place.

For translations, please open a topic in the Moroccan Arabic translation section over here.

For questions about culture, you can go to the Moroccan culture forum.

If you are lost, just ask for directions :).

See you around!

Admin, i think u mean “If you are lost, just switch on your GPS, or better, ask a Fessi” :smiley:

welcome belladonna, we’re all here to help you with your questions, our friends here can satisfy your curiosity about this wonderful country and its wonderful language. stick around :wink:

:^^:Hi BellaDonna!:^^:

Im new here too!!! Oh that remins me I need to do my introduction…whoops!!!:^^::^^:
Mer7ba (welcome… i think it means)!!!
C’mon guys thats my first learnt written word!!! :0)

Have a good day!!!