I’m Yassine and I’m from Casablanca. I followed a link from SimplyMoroccan’s blog that led me here and my first impression is a WoW. The lessons are well illustrated and explanations are smooth.
I know many people who would love to learn Darija in this place.

I’ll certainly come back very often.
Untill then,

Hello Yassine, and welcome aboard :slight_smile:
We’ll glad that you joined us! Don’t hesitate to recommend the website to those people :^^:.
We hope to read you on the forum very often :).
See you around.

Thank you for the quick reply! I will certainly recommend it.
See you

Mr7ba bik m3ana, Yassine!
Rak f darkom, 3rd 3la shkoon mma bghiti. :^^:

I hope you will be one of our super active members soon.

3washr mbrooka.

3lina o 3lik a Bnita!
Ghir i sali Ramdan o hana m3akom…


ma7aba bik yassine.
welcome to speak moroccan forum.

So you’ll miss participating in the drawing :hap:

So you’ll miss participating in the drawing :hap:[/quote]
I’m still young here and don’t have the required 10 post count !

That’s not hard to reach ;).

:welcome: Yassine36 :).

Thanks Siso79

Mr7ba b ssi Yassine.
Ha Remdaan tqaada, iwa 3llah nshoufouk m3ana f l forum. :slight_smile: