hello im juan carlos im from peru but im currently living in the U.S
i have a few moroccan friends! they r nice people… i hope u can help me to learn darija and help me out with some translation :smiley:

welcome to the forum, juan carlos.
Be sure to find here all the help you need for translation. as for learning, it’s all up to how much effort you’re ready to give in :wink:
good luck and see you around

welcome juan!!! have a great time here with us and be assured that you’ll learn lots and lotsa darija :slight_smile:

mr7ba bik

hi juanca welcome to SM :smiley:
did u say they r nice ppl ? lol they r not moroccan then :stuck_out_tongue: … JK

welcome juan. enjoy SM. ignore mad.

why did u say that juanito??? don’t go juanito carlosito??? mi amooooooooooor

stupid sopa operas on moroccan tvs mess with pple’s minds

welcome and ask qs

Hi juan carlos !!!
Welcome !
Don’t listen to our Mad :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with you - moroccans are nice. Have you ever been to Morocco ?

Hi juan carlos .welcome to SM .im sure u will have a great time here and u will surely learn alot
feel free to ask qs anytime :^^:

Even if im still new here but im sure that u’ll find what ur looking for :wink:
hope to c u around :wink:

Hello and welcome Juan Carlos xD