hello im Andrea form Valencia, spain! i’d love to get started in learning darija i have many moroccan friends, and i’d like to surprise them with some darija words :smiley: i know i can get a lot of help from here!!

lol welcooooome or is it bienvenita in spanish? anyway mr7ba bik is best… :smiley:
have a great time with us and hope you’ll benefit bzzeeeeef from our discussions

see ya!

Hola Andrea! cool we have another Spaniard amongst us lol
anyways welcome to the forum and enjoy ur stay :stuck_out_tongue:
Adios Chika :smiley:

Hi - Privet, Andrea ! :wink:

You are from Spain… Cool ! We like Spain :stuck_out_tongue:

salam Andrea men spanya
marhaba bik

welcome andrea :slight_smile:
i know u wanna surprise ur friends with mean words :stuck_out_tongue: … hehehehehehe
if u have any question dont hesitate :wink:

ps- LA its bienvenida in spanish :wink:

hey !! welcome andrea!!
glad to have u among us!
hope u have a nice time here and see you around

welcome andrea i sure u will find what youre looking for her its a great website and u will learn lots from.
its so great to have you with us .hope u will enjoy :^^:

welcooooooooooome welcome
you got it right, you’ll get lots of help from here

mar7aba ya nass balansiya

ha we7da khle3touha 3awtani w dart bna9ess :smiley:

kant baqa jdida