Hello everybody!! I’m new here and looking forward to learn the language, and to know you all.
Buy the way I’m from Norway and have spent many years with moroccan people without learning a word,
so it’s time to get started, dont you think??

Welcome. We’re glad to have you among us.

Hej Sunny och välkommen :slight_smile: (Hello Sunny and welcome)

Yes i think it’s time to get started xD (lol i can’t speak darija either :P)

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

Jag hoppas att du mår bra (I hope you’re well)

mr7ba bik Sunny!


You spent time with Moroccans in Norway or in Morocco?

WELCOME SUNNY, enjoy your stay here and don’t worry you’ll learn a lot of stuff, its quite unavoidable, especially in the Games section and the translation section, so dig deep :wink:

oh and are you norwegian originally or you have a different background??

Take care.

Hello ya all!!
Thank’s for all the replies!! I’m an originally norwegian, and have spent my last and best 20 years with an moroccan man, here in Norway. So you see, he speak’s very good norwegian and because of that we ended up speaking that way:( I know some words and small sentences, but that’s all!! Have been to Morocco twies, last time 6 years ago. So when I’ve studied my books a littlebit more I look forward to see if I’ve got it right!! And I tell you it’s not easy from norwegian to english and than moroccan! bga from Norway!!

WOW, that’s awesome :hap:

InshaAllah you’ll find what you’re looking for here… see ya!

welcome/Mer7ba bik!!
glad to have u a,mong us
see you around