Hello !!!

Hello ,

I m LEYLA from Turkey . Planning to visit Morroco in the month of october .But I do not know morroco arabic so when I was searching in the net I found your website by chance .
It is very nice indeed to get informtion about morrocco arabic .

Thanx a lot :okay:

[center]welcome here marhaba bik !! :smiley:
awww its so nice !! I want to go to marocco too its such a nice country … with nice ppl :D[/center]

Hello Leyla and welcome :slight_smile: I hope you’re going to like Morocco when you’re there and until then i hope you’ll learn a lot of Darija here :slight_smile: so you can use some useful phrases and etc :stuck_out_tongue:

See ya

mr7ba bik Leyla!


Leyla, which cities are you visiting? :cool:

Leylaaaa, i’m Turkish tooo :hap: HOSGELDIN w mar7ba bik :smiley:

I’m so jealous, put me in your luggage before you leave for Morocco??? PLEASE :cry:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

oh really . You live in Turkey ?

no I don’t, i wish :frowning: , do you?

yeah ,I m from istanbul …do u know darija well?

wwoooww istanbulll, must be beautiful right now with all the lighting for ramadan, anyway my darija is not well at all, i’m still learning just like you, but i have a question, what made you interested in darija? of all these years i thought there were only about 1 or 2 turks who had interest towards morocco, not much at all… so why are you interested? :slight_smile:

We want to visit morocco with friends but noone knows arabic or english except me .My arabic is just fusha and my french is not enough and as far as I know english is not used much in morocco so I wanted to learn some darija before going and I m interested in arabic lehejat as well :wink:

Interesting jiddan! How did you find out about Morocco though?

it seems charming …I like hot and Mediterranean countries ,different culture diffent people,new adventure and the further the better :slight_smile:
What about you ? Where do you live ?

hey layla welcome to the forum/ mer7ba bik!!!

glad to have u among us!
we are here to help!
see u around

Thanx a lot MarocRulz :slight_smile: and everybody who respond .

ur most welcome :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: i live veeeery far from both morocco & turkey, we call it the “down under” :slight_smile:

Glad to have a fellow morocco-loving turk :smiley: mtshrfeeeen akhty

:slight_smile: ??? ???

:smiley: wech lklma “kaman” raha bel msriyya ola la?

raha bel msry* … i mean :unsure: