:^^:Hello, I am an American, studying in Russia. I found this forum through freelang.com. My boyfriend is Moroccan, and I would like to learn enough darija to speak with his sisters when I hopefully go visit next summer. I studied some Arabic, but it was a couple of years ago. I’m also trying to learn how to cook, and I can’t wait to try some of the recipies you have posted here.

(j’adore la langue francaise, bien que j’ai beaucoup oublie des que je l’etudie a l’ecole, mais peut etre j’essaiera d’ecrire en cette langue aussi, comme je vois que la plupart des discussions sont bilingues ici)

oh you are welcome dear kazanka, nice to meet you here ; i hope you will learn darija with us; i’m morrocan and i speak darija very well :smiley: so if you need a help please don’t hesitate ok? i speak also french :ok: tu es la bienvenue ma chérie :angel:

Welcome aboard Kazanka. :slight_smile:

When are you coming this summer? And to which city?
I am sure that the basics of Arabic that you had learn will help you learn Darija. And as Kawtar said, you can count on us here to give you a hand with learning the dialect.
Don’t forget to drop a line whenever you try a recipe to let us know how it turned out.

See you around.

Next summer, since this summer both my boyfriend and I are working full-time. His family lives in Beni Mellal, but he works in Berrechid, outside Casablanca. I think I would stay with his sister’s family in Beni Mellal, if I can communicate well enough. :^^:

Beni melal is a beautiful city but there is not a lot of places to see i think, but i think that your boyfriend will take you to others cities to see the beauty of morroco :ok: if you come to casablanca you are welcome :angel:

[color=#da2471]Salam Alaikum Kazanka, Privet… kak dela- Welcome to the forum- how is studying going in Russia.? I never been there but have several friends who are Russians and very sweet…[/color]

Hello Kazanka and welcome.

You are already on the safe side, by knowing some French, when you come to Morocco. By don’t let that stop you from learning Darija.
Yallah, start the lessons we have on the website, and come asking questions. We’ll then know you’re serious about your learning. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks for chiding me! :^^: I have been very lazy, although I did start reading through my old Arabic notes. I didn’t notice before how active the lessons forum is. I am supposed to be working on a different project right now, but I will come back and study later tonight.

good luck :okay:

I know it is two years later, but I am back in the United States now, in graduate school. I just dropped by this site again. I don’t know if I will ever visit Morocco, but I am studying MSA. Alhamdulilah, my studies are going well, but I miss Russia, and I miss my dreams.

??? - ??? Kazanka ! …from Russia by the way :ok:

Welcome again !

??? ??? ? ??? ???.. ??? ???, ??? ??? :stuck_out_tongue: Better late than never…

Welcome back, Kazanka.
We can also help with MSA whenever you need us.

??? Touta! ??? !!! I will try to practice MSA here over winter break :slight_smile: I would like to get accustomed to typing in Arabic.