Hi, I am a new member, I have been to Morocco a few times now and fell in Love with My Moroccan fella who has now asked me to get engaged and I would really love to try and learn the language so I can surprise him when I go and see him shortly and meet his family (which I am very nervous about)

Welcome Debbie!

Welcome again :).
Where have you been in Morocco? Haven’t you met his family before?
Don’t be nervous, Moroccans are welcoming and warm, and you’ll feel home right away. If you need to know about anything, just ask. We have some members who are like you, non Moroccans in a relationship with Moroccans. So that will be certainly of good help for you.

I stay in Agadir, he has told his parents about me and they would now like to meet me so yes this is my reason for visiting again very soon, I have been reading up on all the ettiquette which I think is making me even more nervous.
I know doubt will have more questions again very soon, thank you all and what a great site

Agadir! Awesome! We have more and more people from Agadir here.
What etiquette? Tell us about it. Not everything you read is right, so always double check. Besides, some things that apply to some cities wouldn’t apply to all.
By the way, I am from Agadir.

Its when you visit family, what gifts you have to take, how to greet, eat all the table manners.
I have manners but I want to respect My partners culture too and don’t want to let him down.


Agadir is awesome, that’s where my family is from; and where I live when I go back.

welcome debbie :d