Hello to all

Assalam Alaikum / hello

Just wanted to say hello, my name is Nada. I joined up today and look forward to meeting you all. I am an American, living in Montreal Canada and married to a Moroccan…:slight_smile: PS, if you have children, make sure if there is a moroccan in the home that they speak only moroccan to the kids…they can be great translators:) LOL My 5 year old helps me all the time:)


Welcome aboard… :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Nada, we’re glad to have you with us :).
As I read in your other post, you’re married to a Moroccan for 7 years now. Should we guess that you’re a fluent Darija speaker by now? :wink:

If you consider asking my son every 5 mins, “how do you say that in Arabic?” then yes I am fluent :slight_smile: lol I spent the first 2 years of marriage learning classical arabic, then we moved to Montreal…and came the realization that I could not understand a word anyone was saying to me here :slight_smile: So, I have to spend a bit of time with French, and now even more time on the French due to the laws here, my son must go to a French school, Alhamduillah it will be an Islamic one. So, between all of this I have been working on my Darija. I’m doing okay with it and understand a great deal when someone is talking to me, but still have a hard time getting out what I want to say. I also belong to the learning moroccan yahoo group, and it helps in a big way (thanks cathy :wink: ) I’m hoping to pick up a bit more here as well. Look forward to talking with you and the rest of the group!


Yeah, I consider that being fluent ;). And wow :), so your Abdurrahim knows better, huh? He is growing mutlilingual then (Arabic, French, English) which is good for him.
Inshallah tt3llmi ktr mn Darija, bash tbqay t-hdriha mzyan.